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Internal strife can cascade quickly and prove incredibly disruptive to normal operations.

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Our Labor & Employment practice group is a natural extension of our role acting as outside General Counsel across multiple industries.

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These matters often require pairing unquestioned command of the issue with diplomacy and sensitivity to heightened stakes. We do not believe “there’s no such thing as bad press” and we never want to see our clients in the news for labor & employment issues. We regularly counsel businesses on proactive avoidance through appropriate policy development and review, as well as swift and inconspicuous defense for sensitive allegations.

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What We Do

Executive Compensation

Non-qualified deferred compensation, change in control, incentive bonus, supplemental retirement plans, golden parachutes, equity compensation, separation, severance, restrictive covenants.

Policy Review and Audits

Support for annual HR audits or during M&A or transaction due diligence. Employment-related policies, background checks, drug testing, anti-harassment, paid time off, employee leave, trade secret protection, and more.

HR Counseling and Employment Practices

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Ensuring your policy is essential and reasonable, and defending businesses hiring employees with unduly burdensome non-competes.

Wage and Hour Claims

Proactive compliance through policy and compensation reviews, defense for claims brought on by current or former employees and government audits.

Workplace Investigations

Independent investigations, counsel for ethical duties and responsibilities during internal investigations, collecting and preserving evidence.


We support clients during litigation, investigations, and data breach incident responses.

eDiscovery doesn’t have to be an expensive black hole. Corporate legal teams rely on our services and consulting company for cost-effective discovery and clear communication.

Practice Leader Spotlight

Hamish Cohen

Hamish acts as outside general counsel to businesses in multiple industries. He also competes in Ironman triathlons.

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