Government, Regulatory, & Internal Investigations

Remember, David beat Goliath.

Our team helps you stay focused in a complex regulatory environment.

Even with limited resources, government action doesn’t have to be a body blow.

Our team has extensive experience responding to complex, highly sensitive civil investigative demands from both state and federal agencies. We understand that internal investigations sometimes generate intense public scrutiny, and may result in sensitive allegations including fraud, corporate malfeasance, and white collar criminal activity. Our team will work closely with you to identify areas of concern, craft a response, and execute an appropriate action plan that mitigates criminal liability, litigation, and reputational damage to you and your business.

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What We Do

State and Federal Agencies



Actions initiated by shareholders, Board of Directors, and HR


We can find that needle (in a pile of needles).

We develop proprietary queries to find relevant, responsive information from your on-prem and cloud data sources.

Practice Leader Spotlight

Sean Burke

Sean began his career at AmLaw 100 firms in Chicago and Indianapolis. He coaches baseball and wrestling when he’s not litigating.

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